Nutcracker Suite

I was tasked with creating a fundraising event that got people talking. Prostate Cancer’s recent adverts had just revealed that the prostate is a similar size to a walnut, so we used that knowledge to feed our work.

Working with a strategist, we created The Nutcracker Suite. For every £5 donation, one of our hammer-wielding heroes would crack a walnut, live in Holborn and on-screen. Bill Bailey helped us to promote the event on national TV. I created the idea for this campaign, wrote all the copy, and worked directly with our internal User Experience Team to make sure that everyone visiting the website could easily donate.

There was a huge amount of support and positive feedback. We even raised the profile of prostate cancer to match the attention of breast cancer. Some newspapers compared the 10,000 men and 10,000 women that suffered each year. We even reached a few major newspapers but my favourite report appeared in The Drum.