Mercure Tunbridge Wells Wedding

Tunbridge Wells Wedding

Mercure Tunbridge Wells Hotel is a unique wedding venue that are happy to help you create a bespoke wedding. At the end of the winding driveway sits the original Georgian house that now blends tradition with modern qualities. The staff are very attentive and happy to help every guest with all their needs. On the day, they also really helped me by accompanying me to gain access to rooms when I need to meet the wedding party around the hotel and gave me access to a room to get everyone in the group photo.

I joined Holi to see her getting ready in her private suite, surrounded by bridesmaids and laughing children. It was a great start to the day with a lot of love and bucks fizz. It seemed that everyone surrounding the bride were just excited to see her get married and live a happy life.

The groomsmen

After spending the morning with Holi, I joined Dean and his groomsmen in their room. The kids were running around and were enjoying their new suits. After everyone was dressed and had finished a few drinks, we headed outside. A few group photos down and everyone was warmed up for the day and happy in front of the camera.

Wedding ceremony

The wedding was in a beautifully lit room with huge Georgian windows. It was also a very emotional ceremony. I’m not sure how the couple held it together as the bridesmaids all burst into tears. And when the couples little boy handed his mum the wedding rings, it was one of the cutest things ever. I’m so glad that I could photograph this magical moment.

Kent Wedding Photographer

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