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Shaw House

Shaw House is a little hidden gem in the surrounding area of Newbury. What makes Shaw House so special is it was the setting of Tanita and Sam’s wedding. So, just one more week before Sam had to leave for Scotland to join his army squad, he was going to celebrate his marriage to his childhood sweetheart, Tanita, at Shaw House.

Bridal Prep

My day started with Tanita at her parent’s house in¬†Purley on Thames, Reading. I was greeted by their playful dog and Tanita’s mum, insisting that I ate something. In the lounge, the bridesmaids had created a carpet of makeup. I’d never seen anything like it but also loved their originality. Amanda, Tanita’s sister, was the maid of honour. She was joined by Tanita’s two best friends and Sam’s sister. All of whom were getting on with the day. Their makeup was sorted, dresses were hanging up and they were just waiting for their turn to have their hair finished.

Tanita was a ball of excitement and couldn’t wait to get married. With a bucks fizz in hand, she was happy and eager for the day ahead. Their little cat came to check me out but ran pretty quick as soon as I went to say hi. Luckily the tortoise didn’t budge. I think we had a connection.

Once Tanita was in her wedding dress, her dad came in to see her. Apparently he doesn’t cry but I think we saw a few tears. The bridesmaids were reading to go and we all set off for Shaw House.


Shaw House

I arrived at Shaw House to see Sam in his Scottish regiment army uniform. It had everything: white gloves, a huge sword, a striking hat and chain mail shoulder guards. He looked awesome and I knew that Tanita would be impressed. Surrounding him were his best man and groomsmen. They were ready to help Sam out on his big day.

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